symptoms of electrical problems in the home
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symptoms of electrical problems in the home

Do you have lights in your home that dim when the refrigerator kicks on? Have you ever felt a slight shock when you touch your stove with wet hands? These are just two situations that should be looked at by an electrician. I didn't give any attention to the lights that were dimming in my laundry room when I turned my dryer on. A few months after I had noticed it, we had a small electrical fire in the ceiling. To find more home electrical symptoms that shouldn't be ignored, visit my website. Here, you will find symptoms, problems and solutions for each.

symptoms of electrical problems in the home

Do You Need To Hire An Electrician?

Emily Ford

While big electrical problems usually require the services of a qualified electrician, there are some little electrical jobs around your home you can easily do yourself. For instance, you can do your own troubleshooting to see if there are any problems that may need to be looked at by an electrician. Here are some things to look for.

Rust on the Main Service Panel

If you notice that the main electrical service panel in your home has signs of rust, it could be that there is an issue with moisture. This is something that does not mix with electricity, and can be extremely dangerous. You will need to have the problem looked at to make sure that there are no dangers to your home and family.

Power to Devices Goes On and Off Intermittently

You can usually easily diagnose the problem with a device turning on and off when it shouldn't, and the problem usually revolves around a loose circuit. But, what if this is happening with multiple devices that are on different circuits? You will need to check the neutral wire that is in the circuit that is multi-wired. In many cases, the problem is an overload for the neutral wire, which causes it to wear out and then it begins to arc and disrupts the connection. If you think this is the problem, let a qualified electrician take care of the repairs, as this can be one of those bigger electrical repair jobs.

Outlets are Warm to the Touch

When you place your hand over an electrical outlet, it should be cool to the touch. If it feels warm, or if you experience a tingling sensation when you touch it, it could be that there is a loose connection. If you do notice heat or tingling, don't hesitate to contact an electrician right away. If not repaired, this could lead to electrical shocks and even fires.

Your Home is Older

In the case of older homes, it may be that the electricity has not been updated in many years. This can lead to many hazards, so if your home is more than 25 years old and hasn't been rewired, it is time to call in an electrician to do an inspection. They will look at what needs to be done in order to bring the wiring up to code, and get the work done so your home is a safe one.

For more information, contact a local residential or commercial electrician in your area.