symptoms of electrical problems in the home
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symptoms of electrical problems in the home

Do you have lights in your home that dim when the refrigerator kicks on? Have you ever felt a slight shock when you touch your stove with wet hands? These are just two situations that should be looked at by an electrician. I didn't give any attention to the lights that were dimming in my laundry room when I turned my dryer on. A few months after I had noticed it, we had a small electrical fire in the ceiling. To find more home electrical symptoms that shouldn't be ignored, visit my website. Here, you will find symptoms, problems and solutions for each.

symptoms of electrical problems in the home

Seven Electrical Safety Issues To Be Aware Of As A Homeowner

Emily Ford

Electrical problems can start a number of dangerous incidents. However, all of these incidents are preventable, you just have to be sure that you are taking the right steps to make this so. This is going to help protect your home, family, and valuable possessions. Here are seven safety tips to follow that will ensure that you keep all of these things as safe as possible:

Safety for the Home:

  • Hire an Electrician for Regular Inspections: Once a year, you should hire an electrician (such as Skyline Electric, Inc.) who will inspect the wiring in your home to ensure that there is no damaged wiring. Since electrical safety protocols can change every year, your electrician will also be able to install safety features and ensure that your home meets safety codes that have recently been put in place. 
  • Disconnect Appliances Properly: Whenever you disconnect an appliance, you have to be sure that you are doing it properly. This means turning off the switch first and then unplugging. When unplugging an appliance, also be sure that you are pulling from the plug and not the cord itself. 
  • Handle an Appliance that is on Fire Properly: If an electrical appliance catches on fire, it is best to try to unplug it if possible, exit the house, and call the fire department. You should never try to put out this type of fire with water, no matter how small since this can make the situation even worse. 

Safety for Your Children:

  • Switch Off All Appliances Not in Use: Children can get their hands on everything and if they begin to play with an appliance that is not in use, but still plugged in, this can be extremely dangerous. Once you unplug the appliance, also be sure that this cord is out of reach of your children.
  • Explain the Dangers: Once your children are old enough, you should explain to them how to use electrical appliances properly and safely. 
  • Install Safety Switches: Electrical safety switches can be installed in your home that will turn off the electrical power supply in less than a second. This is important for emergencies. If you don't already have safety switches installed in your home, you should consider having an electrician do this for you. 

Safety During a Thunderstorm:

  • Turn Off Appliances: You should turn off all appliances in your home during a severe thunderstorm. You should also not use the landline telephone unless it is an absolute emergency. 

By following these safety tips, you can be sure that you prevent a dangerous incident from happening in your home and to your family.