symptoms of electrical problems in the home
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symptoms of electrical problems in the home

Do you have lights in your home that dim when the refrigerator kicks on? Have you ever felt a slight shock when you touch your stove with wet hands? These are just two situations that should be looked at by an electrician. I didn't give any attention to the lights that were dimming in my laundry room when I turned my dryer on. A few months after I had noticed it, we had a small electrical fire in the ceiling. To find more home electrical symptoms that shouldn't be ignored, visit my website. Here, you will find symptoms, problems and solutions for each.

symptoms of electrical problems in the home

Why Dimmer Switches Buzz and How to Eliminate the Problem

Emily Ford

Having a light attached to a dimmer switch is nice because the special switch allows you to adjust the amount of light in the room, but dimmer switches can also be annoying. They can sometimes get really hot, and they can also start buzzing. If you have a dimmer switch that buzzes, you may wonder why this is happening and whether it's normal or not. You may also want to know if there is a way to stop the switch from doing this. Here are the answers to these two questions.

Why do dimmers buzz?

When a dimmer is turned all the way up, it will provide you with full lighting, and you are not likely to hear any buzzing. When the dimmer is only partially turned on, your lighting will be limited, and this is the time when you may begin hearing buzzing.

This buzzing occurs because of the way dimmer switches control the amount of light. When a dimmer is turned half-way up, it will actually begin chopping up the electrical current going to the light bulb. As the current is chopped up, the light pulses are actually blinking or flickering really quickly, which causes a vibration. The vibration this process causes is what makes a dimmer switch buzz.

How can you fix this problem?

The buzzing you hear is not typically a hazardous problem to have, but it can be annoying. There are several things you can try to eliminate this problem, and one of the easiest things to do is change the light bulb in the fixture.

Some dimmer switches require the use of certain types of light bulbs, and some light bulbs simply will not work with dimmer switches. CFL light bulbs are becoming very popular, but standard CFLs do not work with dimmers. If you want to use CFL bulbs with your dimmers, you must buy bulbs that state that they are dimmer bulbs.

If changing the bulbs does not make a difference, or if you are not sure which type of bulb to use, contact an electrician like Midway Electric Inc. The electrician can tell you which type of bulb to select and can also replace your dimmer switch with a newer type that may be more compatible than the existing switch.

Completing electrical projects is not something you should do if you are not experienced at working with electricity. You can hire an electrician to help you though, and this is a great way to eliminate buzzing from the dimmers in your home.