symptoms of electrical problems in the home
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symptoms of electrical problems in the home

Do you have lights in your home that dim when the refrigerator kicks on? Have you ever felt a slight shock when you touch your stove with wet hands? These are just two situations that should be looked at by an electrician. I didn't give any attention to the lights that were dimming in my laundry room when I turned my dryer on. A few months after I had noticed it, we had a small electrical fire in the ceiling. To find more home electrical symptoms that shouldn't be ignored, visit my website. Here, you will find symptoms, problems and solutions for each.

symptoms of electrical problems in the home

  • Lightning Storms: 4 Home Electrical Safety Tips

    12 May 2015

    Lightning storms are a common weather phenomenon in the summer months. Although lightning is a beautiful sight to see, it can be dangerous—so it is usually recommended that you go indoors at the first sign of lightning. While it is true that indoors is the safest place to be during a storm, it does pose its own dangers. If you want to truly stay safe during a storm, follow these four tips:

  • 2 Tips For Protecting Your Electronics While On A Trip

    8 May 2015

    Your home's electrical system is without a doubt one of the more complex aspects of your house. However, many people overlook the steps necessary to properly prepare their home's electronics and electrical system for them being gone for an extended period of time. Whether it is for a work trip or a vacation, it is important for you to take a few minutes to properly prepare your home's electronics for your departure.

  • Decrease the Fire Hazards of Your Baseboard Heaters

    30 April 2015

    Like all sources of home heating, baseboard heating systems can also cause house fires. If you make poor decisions during the installation or during use, your home could go up in flames. Below, you will learn what you must keep in mind as you install and use the baseboard heating system in your home. Avoid Electrical Outlets Your baseboard heater should never be installed directly below an electrical outlet. Running the heater below the outlet could cause the outlet to overheat and catch fire.

  • 3 Electrical Mistakes To Avoid Making When Wiring Your New Home

    24 April 2015

    When building a home, you may be tempted to save money by installing the electrical yourself. If know what you're doing, it can be easy to do the installation with all of the walls of your home open and accessible. Just make sure to avoid making any of these 3 mistakes. 1. Not Getting A Permit You may be able to do electrical work on your own, but you still need to acquire a permit when doing so.

  • Do You Need To Hire An Electrician?

    23 April 2015

    While big electrical problems usually require the services of a qualified electrician, there are some little electrical jobs around your home you can easily do yourself. For instance, you can do your own troubleshooting to see if there are any problems that may need to be looked at by an electrician. Here are some things to look for. Rust on the Main Service Panel If you notice that the main electrical service panel in your home has signs of rust, it could be that there is an issue with moisture.